The Teacher Will Appear

I had an interesting lesson. It reminded me of a favorite quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer,
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

It was a Sunday and church didn't start till 11am but I had a few errands to run prior to getting there and, in an effort to make the most of my time (and money), decided to run the errands on the way and prior to church. It was about 9:20 when I pulled out from the house thinking I would drop some items off at my mom's and visit for a spell, run by a friend's house and then run into work. I was at the corner (only a half a block away) when my teacher appeared.

Standing there on the corner, taking a sip of a canned soda and wrapped in all manner of winter gear was "James". I should have let you know that the weather was cold. Lots of snow all over and some folks had not yet scooped their sidewalks. It was windy. James was prepared to be out in this though. He had his boots, winter coat, hat and gloves. Even with all outerwear, I realized I knew him. This was a gentleman who attends my church!

I pulled up to the stop sign, rolled down the window and asked if he needed a ride somewhere. "Yes! Thank you!" and I told him to hop in. He got in, thanked me again and I asked where he was headed. "To church." He must have noticed the look on my face... remember, church didn't start for a good hour and a half AND our church is across town! Granted, we don't live in a metropolis but across town is STILL a good 5, maybe 6 miles. He continued, "my car broke down last week. Yesterday I dropped my phone and it quit working." He'd already walked about a mile when I saw him.

Explaining that I had several errands before church, I told him I'd take him there first then be back before it started. He asked about my husband, how I was feeling (I've been under the weather) and warmed my heart when he said, "Sister Brown?" I turned to look at him "yes?" "You are a nice lady." Besides that incredible compliment, I learned more about him in that ten minute car ride than I had in the years we'd gone to the same church. Arriving at our destination, he was appreciative and didn't mind being there ninety minutes early.

I took care of my errands and got to church on time. But all that morning, that night and even weeks later, I sit and think.... THAT man has a testimony. He knows what is important and he is committed to it NO MATTER WHAT. Nothing is going to stop him from what is important to him. Not the cold, or the miles long walk, or time.

Would I do that? Not only to attend church, but for any of the other things that I claim are important in my life?

I learned a lot from James that day. And he is an inspiration to me. Thank you, teacher!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

What are YOU ready to learn?


shasaakinola said...

Nice and sweet story. Tx for writing.
x Els

Connie Baum said...

This makes me even more proud to sit in your circle.

Are ya feelin' the love?

Mother Connie