Thanksgiving: Family and Chatter

My son and his family from Utah were here today. And my daughter and her family from Lincoln. We were missing my mom and Gordie (sick) and my youngest son (not able to travel here). Had the basic menu since I did all the cookin': turkey, smashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, dinner rolls, frog eye salad and pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert. It was a FUN but short time together. And I laughed....

Here are some random things heard (in no particular order) during our time together as a family:

"Where are the kids?"
"They're fine. They're outside. Some are counting the cats as they come out of the sewer and the others are playing ball."
"Sounds like when we were kids."

"Remember when that homeless man lived out by the jungle?"

"Seriously. When the weeds are 2 foot taller than what you are, it's a jungle."

"Those mornings you told us to ride our bikes to swim practice in the mornings, we'd ride off, then sneak back when you weren't looking, hide the bikes in the jungle, then climb up in the fort and sleep."

"I get that and that and that when she dies."
"My mom has more Facebook friends than I do."
"The apothecary has all those drawers. Do you know what is in them?"
"When your mom dies we're going to be making A LOT of sandwiches to feed people."
"Two drawers down, three over. Should be candles. It's kind of alphabetically arranged."
"She has like 7, 8, probably 9 times more Twitter followers than I do."
"You Twitter?"
"I'm like 'Mom, will you Retweet me?'"
"What's in this drawer then."
"You sound really messed up with this friend thing."
"Will you Retweet me once a week?"
(sometimes you have several conversations going on at once...You have to focus to keep up!)

run, run, run BAM! (silence) WAHHHHH! OWWWW!
"Holy cow, did you see how far he bounced off that sliding glass door? He was at a full sprint!"
"Are you okay?"
"Why didn't you tell me you were going to do that? I could've filmed it and won $10,000. I would've split it with you. "
"Wow, he's going to have a goose egg. Do you want an ice pack?"


"Hey, don't throw concrete when you're out there."

"I want to sign her cast too."

"Can I have another piece of pie?" Please?"

"This rock has a fossil in it, can I have it?"

"I was counting on Trev being here. That's why there's an entire 'nother pot of smashed potatoes. I don't know how to pare down when he's not here to eat them."
"Freeze them and send to him."
"When he was in Lincoln last week, he wanted to eat at Old Country Buffet. Remember when he just got an entire plate full of mashed potatoes and gravy? Like every time we went there?"
"Who broke the news to him that it's a senior center now?"
"They probably had mashed potatoes there."

"You're going to use the red pitcher for gravy?? I've got to get a picture of that."
"Do not put that on your blog."

"...I remember that. I bent down to tie my shoe and Jared bolted, it was just me. Then you came into the room with your arms full and said, 'Do you know what this is?!'"

"No no! Don't scrape your dishes in the sink! I don't have a garbage disposal. You have to scrape them into the trash."

(during a lull in the dinner conversation) "Yeah, the way we can get all the kids to be quiet is to feed them."

I cannot wait to do it all again next time. (And learn some more things that I never did know happened when they were growing up!)


Jared L. said...
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Jared L. said...

Thanks for ALL the memories mom... You're the best and for that I'm grateful.