The Power of Affirmations


"I live and dwell in the totality of possibilities.
Where I am, there is all good.
Life is wonderful and I am always moving to the greater good."

I'm an avid believer in affirmations, in fact I have several I repeat on the way to work every day. Some days other trivialities of the world take up space in my mind and I'm not affirming on the drive... in fact, I'd fallen out of the practice until Wednesday, October 27, 2010. For some reason, on that eight minute drive I said those affirmations over and over and over with such force and belief that I was WILLING it to be!

It was about 8:45am when my leader came and asked me to meet with him.
I knew what it was about.

On October 1, my company had announced they were exiting the medical insurance business and that, because of that decision, several employees would be laid off. We would find out prior to November 1 if we were affected and, if so, when.

As we walked to a meeting room, I sighed a BIG sigh.
It had been a good run. Twenty-six years and counting. A position I loved. Had learned alot along the way and increased by skills. Had greatly enlarged my network of contacts, friends and associates. And it had provided me security and income as I raised my three children. I rationalized that it was okay, they were all raised now, with children of their own.

We sat down at the table and my comment was "Just give me a good date :)", referring to the lay off date. We all knew they would be staggered and I was hoping for one in the future since I was scheduled for surgery in just a few days on 11/2.

I received a "second quarter, 2011" date.

I know I was in shock but honestly, I was okay.
I knew it would all work out.

After all... I'd reminded myself on the way to work:
"Today is a new day. I am now in charge.
Now is the moment in which I am creating the future in my life and my world.
Life is a joy and filled with love.
I am healthy and filled with energy.
All is well in my world.
I prosper wherever I turn. My income is constantly increasing.
I am willing to change and grow.
I am loving, lovable and loved.
Everything I need comes to me in the perfect time sequence.
It is becoming easy to make change.
I am free of the past.
I live and dwell in the totality of possibilities. Where I am, there is all good.
Life is wonderful, all is perfect in my world and I always move to the greatest good."

And so it is.

In Abundance,
Anita Lewandowski Brown


Connie Baum said...

You are way more than okay. You are one of the most awesome human beings I have ever had the joy of knowing.

No doubt the Creator has greatness in mind for you. He has been grooming you, after all...

Love and Admiration,