Through Which Door do YOU Enter?

There is a museum in Los Angeles called the Museum of Tolerance.

When folks enter the museum, they enter a foyer and are greeted by a volunteer who asks them to enjoy this area and wait for their guide. The guide enters, welcomes them and tells them a bit about the tour they are about to take. Then the guide will say:
"Before you, you see two doors. One is marked 'Prejudiced' and the other is marked 'Not Prejudiced'. Decide now through with door you should enter."

Those visiting are alarmed and not prepared for this. Usually they look around at each other, not knowing what to do, not wanting to be the one who steps forward. But there will be one brave soul who walks up to the "Not Prejudiced" door and turns the knob on the door.

It is locked.

What is the story?
Each of us is prejudiced.
None of is "there". We all have work to do. Work to do on ourselves.
Be aware and find the ways in which you might be prejudiced.
Awareness is the key.
Once you are aware, you can work to evolve and change yourself, your thoughts, your actions.

You can, you know.
See people for who they are. Individuals. With no regard to race, creed, religion or anything else to which you might assign judgment.
Love one another.