You know I never much liked speaking when I was a kid - it called too much attention to myself and I sure didn't want anyone noticing me, much less LOOKING at me! I would do whatever it took to get out of a speaking assignment - in fact, took journalism in high school as it was the ONLY way to skip speech class requirements. Now... after almost 20 years as a Toastmaster, I wonder if I would have accomplished more, influenced more, done more if I would have taken advantage of those opportunities.

Now I realize the importance of being able to share your ideas, share your thoughts, share your listening ear... I know that you are judged every time you open your mouth. And also on the times when you don't. I understand that it is a skill that ANYONE can gain... if they are willing to step outside the comfort zone and face fear head on. And, hey, I still get butterflies when I get up to speak... and it's okay! I've lived through every speaking engagement I've ever had.

Thank goodness for that boss who "strongly suggested" I join a Toastmasters club that was forming for I've discovered that I have a gift for speaking and touching others through my words and lessons and in sharing all the information and knowledge I've gained! I'll be blogging about random thoughts, ideas and things that I find interesting and worth investing my time to write and your time to read. I'm open to thoughts and ideas, too...


Who am I? said...

DOROTHY, this blog has been a very closely guarded secret! I had no idea it existed til I pulled it up ACCIDENTALLY...good thing we know there are no accidents!

In any case, you are due for remarkable things in your life because you and Ralph are remarkable people.

When people sit in your audience and get all the handouts you are famous for, hear how well spoken you are and experience what a consummate professional you are they will see-THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!

I love you two 4Ever...SIGH...long sigh...

Love, Connie

Connie Baum said...

There is a Fan Club site set up for some internet marketing coaches we know...that could surely be arranged for Anita, too! "I'll be one of your groupies," she offered, excitedly!

I love you as if you are my family, because you ARE family now!

Mother Connie